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Sound System

Based in Asheville North Carolina (Fairview) an entertainment sound system with audio engineer is for hire.  Fees include delivery, load in, setup, sound check, performance, load out.

Intended for clarity, not intense volume, this compact mobile sound system is suited for acoustic music, musical theater, concerts, and festivals, as well as live audio production recording.  For smaller spaces JBL EON612 self powered speakers on tall stands is normally sufficient, while the full system includes two 18″ front loaded sub-woofers and six stage monitors.  For safety reasons there is no sound snake or console in the audience; for it is not always required, nor desired.  Wireless mixing is also preferred where there is a lot of foot traffic; such as during conferences, commencements, weddings, and many concerts.  

The Mackie DL32R is great for this purpose. With full wireless control over all of the mixer functions, sound technicians are given the freedom to mix from anywhere in the venue.  It’s multi-user mixer interface allows individual stage mixes to be controlled by performers through a downloadable App.  With 32 Analog inputs and 14 outputs, the DL32R provides up to ten stage mixes, stereo mains, and stereo subs.  It includes on board equalization, dynamics, output delays, and remote 32 channel multi-track recording with music playback. 

Sound Gear:

EON612 EAW Subwoofer system
JBL EON612 top / EAW 18″ Sub / LED lights

  • The all digital house sound system consists of two JBL EON612 self powered loud-speakers, and two 18″ EAW sub-woofers; powered by two Crown XTi 4000’s. (Stereo tri-amped system totaling 6800 watts)
  • Stage system: The DL32R mixer typically resides on stage in monitor world with four EV Sx80’s speakers, and two Turbosound TXD-12M floor monitors.  Three Stewart Audio World 1.2 convection cooled digital amplifiers silently power the stage monitors, and are perfect for quiet locations.
  • Lights: Two Chauvet Mini 4 Bar LED light trees with effects and audio trigger effects.

EON612 on 10 foot stand
EON612 on 10 foot stand

Spoken word events and ceremonies PA system:  two full range EON612 speakers are normally adequate for small and medium spaces.  The EON’s are pole mounted up high and tilted down for even coverage.  For larger audiences two EV sx80’s may be added near the back of the venue, to which the audio is delayed.  The Mackie DL32R and Yamaha MG102c ten channel conferencing mixers are available with iPod and laptop hookups.


PZM Pressure Zone Microphone
PZM Pressure Zone Microphone

Included are three Shure SM58 vocal mics, four Shure SM57 instrument mics, two Audio Technica PRO 35 clip on condenser mics, three Sennheiser Evolution e604 drum mics, four Røde M5 matched pair overhead mics, and one PG52 kick drum microphone.  an Audio Technica 4033 large diaphragm microphone is perfect for Bluegrass and soloists.  For theatrical and choral events, three transparent Crown PZM disc microphones may be mounted on stage or suspended.  The wireless microphone system consists of four Shure SLX4 H5 band receivers with four Shure Beta-58 hand-held mics, and four PG1 wireless body packs and receivers with Microphone Madness omni-directional earset microphones.

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