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Based in Asheville North Carolina (Fairview) an entertainment sound system with audio engineer is for hire. Fees include delivery, load in, setup, sound check, running the audio, and load out.

Our compact mobile sound system is suitable for acoustic music, musical theater, concerts, dances, parties, music festivals, meetings, with wireless audio control and multi-track recording.

Q: Will there be a massive sound console and snake, and won’t they be in the way? A: No, they’re not needed! With the advent of wireless audio mixing, live sound engineering with only a tablet became a reality.

Anytime seating nor circumstance won’t accommodate a sound board in audience, our mixer of choice is the Mackie DL32R. Up to thirty two analog inputs are digitally processed, so full wireless control over the mixer functions is available in a small box: parametric equalization, dynamics, effects, and output delays are just some of the features. For instance the entire performance may save to a hard disk or flash drive with its native recording system. That means 32 tracks recording, and 32 tracks of playback. (a virtual sound check if you will) Fourteen outputs provide ten stage monitor and IEM mixes, stereo mains, and stereo subs.

Sound Gear:

  • Two EON612 active loudspeakers and two acoustically modified EON618s active sub-woofers (4000 watts peak). One 20 amp circuit is all that is required for most events. (including basic back-line).
  • Optionally Two EAW FR222 full range cabinets, and two 18″ EAW sub-woofers powered by Crown amplifiers are available. (6800 watts) This configuration runs best on at least 30 Amps.
  • On stage is the DL32R rack mount mixer with up to ten mixes: two EON610 active floor monitors, two Turbosound TXD-12M’s, four EV Sx80’s, and/or IEM mixes. Three Stewart Audio World 1.2 convection cooled digital amplifiers silently power the passive monitors.
  • Lights: Two Chauvet Mini 4 Bar LED light trees with audio trigger effects.
The Blue Dragons outdoors
The Blue Dragons band perform in a rustic outdoor setting. For this event the entire sound system including back-line, ran from a single 20 Amp circuit 200 feet through the woods


PZM Pressure Zone Microphone
PZM Pressure Zone Microphone
  • Three Shure SM58 vocal mics, four Shure SM57 instrument mics, two Røde M5 matched pair instrument microphones, and two Audio Technica PRO 35 clip on condenser mics.
  • Drums: three Sennheiser e604 drum mics, one PG52 kick drum microphone and two Røde M5 overhead mics. 
  • The Audio Technica 4033 large diaphragm microphone is great for Bluegrass and soloists alike.  For theatrical and choral events, three transparent Crown PZM disc microphones either rest on stage or suspend overhead.
  • Wireless microphone system: four Shure Beta-58 hand-held mics and four Shure SLX4 H5 band receivers, and one SLX1 body pack. In addition there’s four PG1 wireless body packs and receivers, featuring Microphone Madness omni-directional earset microphones.

Spoken word events and ceremonies Public Address system:

Two full range EON612 speakers are adequate for most spoken word presentations. Efficient sound distribution is achieved by pole mounting speakers up high, then tilted down into the audience. Wired or wireless speakers (locally powered) may be added to the sides of the venue for additional coverage. A Yamaha MG102c ten channel conferencing mixer is also available, all with iPhone and presentation laptop hookups.

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