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Live Audio Engineer

Looking for someone to operate a single event sound system? We deliver, set up, and run specialized public address and sound reinforcement systems for social gatherings and events. Alan Phillips is an experienced Audio Engineer with backgrounds in live sound and recording, electronics, and computer technical support. Areas of expertise include, however are not limited to acoustic music, concerts, dances, music festivals, graduations, musical productions and sound design. Private functions include conferences, commencements, parties, amplified wedding vows, and wedding receptions. Of course a Sound Service technician will be there for the duration of the event.

Outdoor PA at The Ramble Biltmore
“Mr Potato Head” performance at The Ramble Biltmore with our 6800 watt EAW PA

Audio production with a compact sound system

When a line array system would be overkill… We bring small and medium floor standing speakers to indoor and outdoor events. Digital amplification and LED lighting minimize the equipment space and power requirements compared to that of analog systems. Is someone tripping over wires a concern? Wireless audio mixing has evolved so that every aspect of live sound is controllable from an iPad or other device. Therefore balanced sound is easily attainable from anywhere in the venue, with no cables running into the audience.

When requested, a 32 track live recording of the event may be mixed down to stereo, then readied for download. Post production rates may apply.

Serving Western North Carolina and surrounding areas with over 30 years experience

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