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Wedding ceremonies, amplified wedding vows, music and events

David LaMotte, officiant and performer
David LaMotte, performer and officiant

Live music can make special events and weddings all the more memorable, but what about the vows?  Many times intimate voices should be a little louder for the guests to hear them, otherwise, precious vows are lost in the wind…  So ask about having the ceremony amplified! Sound Service will enhance your listening experience.  We also provide sound for receptions having a live band, DJ, or recorded music.

Brahma Ridge wedding
Brahma Ridge North Carolina wedding

For weddings only the officiants wear wireless lapel microphones, so the bride and groom vows are also picked up.

Even in this quiet setting, speech and accompanying music might not heard as well without a specialized sound system. 

Biltmore Park Town Square® Summer Concert Series

Since 2009, local performing musicians share their talent at the William Cecil green space park. Sponsored by Hickory Tavern and Biltmore Farms, it is my pleasure to continue providing sound and lights for the entire run of Biltmore Park summer concert series.

2021 Biltmore Park Concerts lineup

  • concert series canceled for the remainder of the year due to Covid-19
The stage is set for Skinny Legs and All
The stage is set for “Skinny Legs and All”

The live performances of the 2020 Carolina Christmas Show were canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
please visit for tickets and information on the 2021 performances.


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